Monday, 30 May 2011

Door to Door

Door to door is a comic by Me, Harry Rickard and Michael Saunders.

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It is about a door to door salesman named Jack Reeves who always pesters the neighbourhood in hope of selling his '3 in 1 Vacuum, Toilet Cleaner and Food Processor' A.K.A Harold, little to say, no one wants one...

One day Jack comes across a mysterious house locked away for no one to enter. However he realises that it's part of his round to try selling Harold to, after the gates mysteriously open he ends up inside the gates of the mysterious house.

As he walks along he all of a sudden hears a woman screaming for 'Help!' he stops what he's doing and tries to save her, after finding no way of getting in round the front he then climbs over the garden fence, and fails, twisting back his ankle.

He realises he'll need some medication for his ankle so he tries to get in to the house while the screams carry on, getting louder and louder, the rain pouring down and the sky gradually turning darker and darker.

When he believes all hope is lost the door suddenly opens, wanting to be a hero and save the girl and soothe the pain of his ankle, Jack walks in, when all of a sudden, the doors lock behind him, and this is when his life changes completely.

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